CCP (TV advertisement)

hahahaha finally I finish my 60 blogspot. Also this is my final blogspot. This video was about commercial gym and trekking club. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks a lot for your comment and effort.Good bye


Last day before submitting my CCP was the day that makes me tired until I want to die. Me and my roommate, Sherly, was competing to finish earlier for CCP but it was impossible because it need a lot of effort, creativity, information etc to do that. We became like people who lost our mind, we scream and shout because the time to submit is near. This CCP was like the 3 hard subjects combining into 1 and we must be able to finish it. Actually we already do our projects from 30 April but it still hard want to finish it, I do not why, maybe because of the projects really need to do many creativity and it makes my head became hard to think new design. We do our projects from 4PM to 2AM to finish all the data that we need to submit to Mr. Avila. It makes my gastric visit again, it really hard to concentrate while I am endure pain and doing projects. However, I can finish it. Thanks a lot to Sherly who always help me when I went to barrier.

My mistakes.T.T

Since last week, I already skip my comtech class for three times. That was my record for my life to skip the class. Actually I do not want to skip comtech class but I do not have other choice to chase CCP before the due date. Our due date was on 22 May 2008. I must chase all my five CCP that include website, marketing book, project log, video advertisement, and written report, not forgotten also 60 blog spot. All my data in my PC, it was impossible to bring my PC to Mr. Avila class. So, I prefer do my work at home compare not doing anything in Mr. Avila class. I was afraid that Mr. Avila will misunderstanding that I always skips comtech class. Hope he will understand and forgive me.



Final Podcast

Final Podcast

Finally. I finish my podcast.hehe

Class Comtech

My comtech class nearly wants to finish that remain 8 classes from May 12, 2008. Since last week many students wonder that why Mr. Avila suddenly became so strictly not like usually Mr. Avila that we know funny. He told his class from period 4 until period 5 to do their CCP without talking to our friends and seriously do their work before the due date. As I told before our CCP was have a lot of work that we need to do, from video, website, marketing book, report and project log and the due date on 22 May. I afraid I can not finish my project, so from now I must arrange my time properly so I can do my project and study for final exam. Mr. Avila also helps us to take photo from GYM. He took the GYM facility, unfortunately the picture not enough for our CCP. We need pictures that can attract audience for instance, the people who doing exercise with the facility. So, when I asked Mr. Avila to use some picture from internet, he said can but not too much. I am so happy with this I can make a good project, but not forgotten to cited the resources.

Adobe Photoshop

There are a lot people using Adobe Photoshop for work, play or sometimes use on the wrong way. I think a lot of you guys saw magazine, advertisement that the model was really beautiful and perfect skin. However, you no need to believe that, because almost the entire model was not exactly same like in the magazine or advertisement.

            They using Adobe Photoshop to edit, for instance make the boobs became bigger, make your pimples gone and a lot of things that Adobe Photoshop can do. Sometimes I wonder, is it legal that they lie to the consumer or audience? I understand that they do that for the work but on the other side many people got lie because of that editing program. How can they do like that to the consumer also use on the wrong way using Adobe Photoshop.


            As a user computer or PC like me, my keyboard usually that thick and heavy. However time to time made a keyboard become more development compared than before. In this time, I found that keyboard become develop for instance, the keyboard can be rolled up, light, can wash, flexible and so on. With this develop keyboard, we are the user of computer no need to worry if our keyboard fall down; damage by water, and easy to bring anywhere we want that just rolled up. I would mind to change my keyboard to the new keyboard, so I can easy to clean the keyboard, no need to worry of any damage and also last long using. I hope that the keyboard not really expensive so I can afford to buy it.;